About Us

BEST RÉSUMÉ has been writing resumes for 21 years for people from a wide variety of backgrounds - including mid-
career professionals, individuals seeking to change careers and students. At this point, 30 percent of the work we do is
from referrals and clients returning for résumé updates.

We are committed to producing a résumé which reflects your skills, aptitudes and accomplishments. We understand that
an effective résumé offers you an important opportunity to connect with a new employer, to describe your background
and to invite that employer to find out more about you.

Studies show that the typical résumé is read in the late afternoon by a potential employer who may review the document
for less than three minutes before deciding whether to contact you, so it is important to "get it right."

In most instances, we interview you to find out more about your skills and career intentions, and tie that together with
your experience and training. We then produce a "draft" of the résumé for you to review before it is finalized.

After the résumé is completed, we automatically store it on computer for any future updates. Should your address
change, your career objectives change, or to add a recent job - just call us.

Each résumé we write is professional, personal and effective. A well-written résumé is an opportunity for you to take the
next step. Call us for a free consultation.
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